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One of the main inspirations for wanting to begin writing happened while reading through Ecclesiastes 3. After reading all the “time for…” statements, I began to think about experiences that we have in life that are not just small “I had my 5 minutes time to cry, etc”. I was thinking about seasons of time in our lives that we experience all these things that chapter 3 was describing. For example, in my life I am in a season/time of loss and of mourning. It has been a super long season in my life as I lose more and more. God has used this season to expose many strongholds in my life and show me where I was failed to show love and how to better show love. By the grace of God I am still learning.

The purpose for sharing what God has done in my life and what I have seen in others lives (which if possible I will have them share) is for encouragement and hopefully a place of support. Whatever the season, God makes everything beautiful in its time!

The Author:

1. I am creative and love DIY and crafts. I wouldn’t describe anything I make as masterpieces! But it is my “me-time” hobby.

2. I am a planner. Not like just organised. I mean over-the-top-have-every-detailed-outlined sort of planner. This has its cons but it is very handy when planning events and parties 🙂

3. I love fashion but usually end up in leggings and a hoodie.

4. I love tea and if I’m really feeling great I treat myself to a Chai Latte! Heaven in a cup!

5. If I hadn’t trained as a counsellor, I would love to be a hairdresser and make-up artist. I realise these are nothing alike but there is something about treating someone to a new haircut/dye/makeover or helping someone find a style that suits them that really appeals to me! It honestly just sounds fun to me! (Besides it isn’t too far off counselling… people would be stuck in a chair with nothing to do but talk to me… coincidence? I think not!)

6. I often read numbers wrong. Like number dyslexia.

7. I am third-cultured. American and Scottish. It is such a weird mix…

8. Photography is also a favourite past time. Photos featured on the blog are ones I have taken of places I have been and things I like. 🙂 I’m hoping someday to get a better camera but love mine nonetheless!

9. One of my ambitions is to go to India – maybe even to live. I may burn easily and not handle spicy food but that will not dampen my spirits!

10. I cry when the soundtrack to Becoming Jane comes on my iPod. *sigh* This phenomenon would be fine in private but is awkward in public places…


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